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7 October, 2019

Autumn is officially here! That means it’s time for chic berets, massive cashmere scarves and excuses to buy as many new jackets as you can justify. Fall fashion isn’t the only creative way to have fun during the upcoming season, try giving your space a makeover!

Decorating for Autumn is not only an aesthetically pleasing way to refresh your home, but it also acts as a celebration of the changing seasons and helps us from getting swallowed up by dropping temperatures and shorter days. Instead of feeling holed up inside, let your inner designer shine!

The Tiny Herbivore recently released their fall décor favorites and showed us some love, praising our candles as “one of those candles I would never light because I didn’t want to ruin the beauty of it.”. At Capri Blue we have SO many different design and scent options to dress your space.

Our new Glitz Collection is full of elegant ombre tones that add a touch of sophistication and luxury, while the Glam Collection promises a party every time you light one up!

Each collection has a variety of fragrances that you’ll love coming home to whether it is the uber-popular Pumpkin Dulce or our newest fragrance Frosted-Fireside. Treat yourself this fall with Capri Blue!

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