The world of laundry has quietly been undergoing a luxury upgrade with concentrated formulas, soft yet intricate fragrance and clean ingredients. During the boom of self-care, we’ve all adopted new habits and products that build us up from the inside out. We demanded more from our favorite brands realizing “yeah, we are worth that extra bit of sparkle in our everyday!” 

Capri Blue released the ultimate line of Laundry Care products with this in mind. Change can be hard, but it is time to say buh-bye to those big bottles of your mom’s favorite detergent. Step into the future of chores with Capri Blue’s sleek look, cult favorite fragrance and a formula created to take better care of your favorite fits.

The voice of fashion, “Vogue”, recently featured our Volcano Laundry Detergent as one of their go-to luxe-laundry picks, highlighting not only our iconic Volcano laundry scent of grapefruit and tangerine essential oils but also our paraben and sulfate-free formula! That means naturally derived ingredients and no harsh dies, which may lead to longer-lasting clothes and reduced skin irritation, so your 10-step skin care routine doesn’t fly out the window each time you slip on the OOTD.    

Check out our Ultimate Laundry Routine blog for a step-by-step guide on how to give your boring laundry chore a CB boost. Capri Blue has a whole world of Volcano laundry products to explore! 

XOXO - Capri Blue