Home Care

Become the ultimate cleaning queen with our top-notch home care items made with non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free formulas.

Laundry Care

Wear it, rock it, wash it! Capri Blue laundry care is the best fragrance accessory for your everyday looks, sassy getups and even those delicate little numbers.
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Price reduced from $84.00 to $79.80

Surface Cleaners

Don’t stress the mess and get to work, honey! This Volcano Multi-Surface Cleaner is formulated with grapefruit essential oil to pump up your daily cleaning needs while infusing your fav fragrance into those pesky chores!
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Price reduced from $30.00 to $28.50

Dish Soap

Dirty dishes piling up!? Before you throw in the towel, let our Volcano Dish Soap give you a fresh take on this tedious task! It’s formulated with tangerine oil and packs the perfect punch of fragrance you need to tackle that kitchen sink full of pots, pans, and, of course, wine glasses!