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Taking note from contemporary fashion, we use intriguing silhouettes and bold colors to help you showcase your unapologetic style.


The instantly recognizable silhouette and cobalt blue color are versatile enough to graciously standout, or subtly fit in. All in all, a class act.
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8 Fragrances

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8 Fragrances

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Modern Marble

Center of attention: Modern Marble. This collection is chic, contemporary, and eye-catching. Each trendy jar is finished with a pop of color, guaranteed to cultivate a vibe.

Dual Tone

Our Dual Tone Collection is a no brainer summer MUST-HAVE! The collection features three different colorways and fragrances in Volcano, Coconut Santal, and, our newest fragrance – Pineapple Flower!
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These colorful vessels are works of art. No seriously, each finish is hand made—never a basic one in the bunch.
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Pura knows the power of good fragrance, so it only seemed fitting that we team up with them to create a smart new way to enjoy your favorite Capri Blue fragrances with complete effortless control.
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Gilded Muse

Gilded Muse is a smash hit and it’s easy to see why. The metallic finish delivers a premium, modern look to this sophisticated work of art. It says you’re royalty, without all the stuffiness.
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Glam it up this holiday season with beautiful glitter finishes and luscious fragrances that fans can't stop talking about. Get yours now, they will sell out quickly!
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Price reduced from $28.00 to $19.60
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Price reduced from $38.00 to $26.60
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The Glitz Collection is visually striking with bold metallics and a glitter ombre finish. Each piece is perfect for fall and will take you into the holiday season and on to the New Year!


Turning a craze into a classic staple in no easy task, but that’s exactly what we did with Mercury. Inspired by timeless, high-end luxury, this collection has been copied but never replicated.
Price reduced from $26.00 to $20.80

9 Fragrances


With more unique forms and elegant textures, Muse was inspired by countless customers asking for something a little different. And now it’s here to inspire you to make a statement.


We’re doing our thing by bringing something exciting and a little unexpected. Sorry, not sorry. We know you’ll love it :)


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