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Happy Hour with Capri Blue

Turn that cocktail into a glamtail with Capri Blue’s summer cocktail guide!…Read More


At Home Hobbies for Queens Everywhere

Tips, tricks and recs that will turn your sanctuary into the ultimate escape from reality.…Read More


A Note From Our CEO

A note from our CEO, Anne Sempowski Ward, on America's call to do more.…Read More


COVID-19 Update

Learn how we are looking out for our CB babes…Read More


Spring Into Clean

Spring is here my friends! Cheers to clearing our space of clutter, turning the music on loud and wiping away the bad vibe buildup!…Read More


Fashion Meets Beauty

Capri Blue Beauty is the ultimate accessory to every look. From dewy skin to glowing scents, we've got you covered on 2020's hottest trends…Read More


Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Capri Blue's guide to the perfect gifts to give your Galentine.…Read More


New Year, New You

Let Capri Blue be your guide to starting this golden decade off with some mega positive vibes and a whole lot of confidence.…Read More


On Trend: Painterly & Gallery Collection

From fashion, art, and interiors to everyday household items – the Painterly Pattern trend is all the rage this year!…Read More


What are Capri Blue candles made of?

We know you want to know what you’re smelling so here’s the low-down.…Read More


What’s a Body Scrub?

We know you want to know what you’re smelling so here’s the low-down.…Read More


Black is the New Black

Add this candle to your repertoire ASAP.…Read More


The Volcano Scent

This fragrance does not need much of an introduction.…Read More

Candle Burning 101

Candle Burning 101

Chances are you have a couple candles (or 20) scattered throughout your home.…Read More

How to repurpose your Capri Blue candle

How To Repurpose Your Candle Jars

Discover how to reuse those gorgeous Capri Blue jars after you've used your candle!…Read More