Fashion Month is coming to a close. With the final week of strutting models draped in designer’s best, front row celebs and fresh trend obsessions we are already planning into our wardrobe for Fall 2020. Fashion is art and the ultimate form of expression we wear on our literal sleeves every day. It’s clothes, makeup, skin, accessories and fragrance that help us transform into the person we want to be!

At Capri Blue fashion and beauty meet at the intersection of self-care and personal expression. Find what makes you feel fab with these beauty tips from Capri Blue that will take any look to the next level.

Model applying Dry Body Oil to skin on leg
Volcano Dry Body Oil on line background

Get That CB Sparkle

Get that CB sparkle with glowing skin that will have every cut out and bare shoulder popping with shine. Healthy skin is a key component of feeling good in what we wear. When we don’t take care of hydrating our skin, we are weakening its natural defenses. Things like the itch you can’t ever seem to scratch are part of this process as skin becomes more sensitive and damaged. No one wants chalky skin rubbing up against their new LBD!

Work a CB Inspired regimen into your daily routine to treat your body like you do your face. You only get one skin to live in, treat it right! Try a combination of oils and moisturizers that help your skin retain moisture and contribute to a healthy, even glow while also smelling like your fav CB fragrance!

Start by cleansing and exfoliating with our sulfate-free, plant-based glycerin Body Wash and our aloe infused Body Scrub. Finish off your CB sparkle with one of our fan-favorites - Dry Body Oil. It’s packed with abyssinia oil and jojoba seed oil to deeply moisturize and leave your skin glowing. Or try our shea butter and coconut oil infused Lotion to trap in hydration. These products will leave you ready to slide into your favorite new outfit, shining with healthy confidence!

Model dispensing Aloha Orchid Body Wash on loofa
Model applying Aloha Orchid Body Scrub on leg

Volcano Lip Balm is Everything!

Like fashion, beauty has always been about experimentation! This season, effortless dewy makeup looks are all the rage, and if you’re feeling sassy – pair your toned-down look with a bold lip! Healthy lips are key to making your fav color pop, the stylish cherry on top of your daily fashion choices. In addition to your daily skincare routine, try adding an element of experimentation with unconventional products just waiting to be discovered in new ways.

Our Volcano Lip Balm is a clean beauty product that goes so much farther than chapped lips! Feed your look with innovative ways to implement lip balm into your daytime look. Dip into our lip balm and swipe across the tops of your cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose and on the cupids bow of your lips for a natural highlighting effect thanks to sunflower and olive oil. Combat the drying effect of your favorite high contrast color trends seen all over the runways by gently dabbing this vitamin E enhanced balm over color to refresh your lips throughout the day.

Three models applying Volcano Lip Balm
Volcano Lip Balm

The Sweet Smell of Style

Fragrance is now an integral part of fashion, no longer saved specifically for special occasion. Our Eau de Parfum Spray Pens and Hand Creams are accessories to everyday outfits just as your favorite pair of heels or that ring you grabbed 3 years ago at a Parisian market and feel naked without. Just like fashion itself, fragrance is an expression of self. Whether you stick with a statement scent or experiment with a fragrance wardrobe, it is key to topping off any outfit.

Capri Blue is built on the back of the Volcano candle, an iconic sugared citrus fragrance we have expanded into beauty and skincare so that this empowering scent can touch every part of your life. Volcano may get most of the attention, but don’t look past of our other top-selling core scents, Blue Jean and Aloha Orchid.

Eau De Parfum Spray Pens
Model applying Eau De Parfum Spray Pen to wrist

Blue Jean is a bohemian dream and a truly unique fragrance that remains a staple in our Signature Beauty Care collection. The scent is brought together by notes of lilac, patchouli and white musk and is contrasted with bright notes of citrus tones. It is perfect for those introspective days, helping the flow of thoughts and creativity.

Aloha Orchid is the perfect floral scent that evokes a free spirit the second it hits. It's delicate orchid and exotic jasmine with sweet compliments of gardenia creates a sunny symphony. Add the scent of optimism to your day with the Aloha Orchid fragrance as part of your beauty wardrobe.

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