Whoever says they don’t like reading their horoscopes, needs to stop pretending they don’t like reading their horoscopes.

We all know astrology is freakishly accurate... but even when it’s not, Refinery29 is. Just take a look at their article “The Best Candles To Buy For Your Summer Horoscope.”

Rain Blue Signature Jar

In their article, our Rain Blue Signature Jar comes in as one of the best candles to buy this summer. Refinery29 is quoted as saying our fresh Rain fragrance will help “stimulate productivity with a clean scent of fresh floral and woodsy musk.” It’s apparently particularly great for all the Sagittarius out there, but let’s be real, it’s great for anyone who likes to relax with a nice candle.

Sagittarius or not, the stars have aligned, and this is definitely a sign from the universe to shop the Rain Fragrance and our Signature Jars. Go ahead and bring in some good cosmic energy (and smells) into your house.

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