Do you ever get stuck in the mindset that candles are only for fall or winter? Yes, candles are great to warm your space up, but your house can (and totally should!) smell amazing year-round. Cue the candle fans rejoicing!

But what fragrance could be worthy of your home year-round? Well, look no further! Cosmopolitan has listed Capri Blue’s Volcano fragrance as their number one pick of candles that make your house smell incredible! (Let’s pause for a moment while we freak out!) We completely agree, and even have the facts to prove it. Volcano is Capri Blue’s bestselling fragrance, hands down!

Volcano Blue Signature Jar with palm

“The volcano scent smells like tropical fruits, sugared oranges, and citrus. If you can’t go on a beach vacation, this is the next closest thing.”

Whether you’re looking for something that smells a little sweet, is boy-approved, or something that will transport you to a tropical vacation, there is a candle for you!

Check out the full article and some of the other top-picks mentioned here.

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