Let’s get serious for a second: spring cleaning is not only a seasonal ritual (and a great excuse to buy your favorite wine - am I right!?). It can be an emotional act. Life is getting super real right now with the unprecedented news cycle and extended time at home. Many of us are left in our own heads feeling down, stressed out and a little, well, numb. While there is uncertainty around us, just remember, Capri Blue has your back and will always keep you feeling your best self!

The Capri Blue Home Care Collection has been made with a commitment to the well-being you deserve. Our roster of non-toxic products are made with vegan, cruelty free formulas that have been created without gluten, parabens, and phthalates plus, no synthetic colors! Essential oils of grapefruit, tangerine and sandalwood bring our iconic sugared citrus Volcano scent to each product, leaving a splash of good-for-you vibes all over your home, dishes and clothes!

Laundry Detergent, All-Purpose Cleaner, and Dish Soap on iron board
Laundry Detergent on towels with clothes line

Volcano Concentrated Laundry Detergent

If you ever wanted to up your Volcano game, the Volcano Concentrated Laundry Detergent is it. Formulated for ultimate softness and fragrance expression, you can feel good about using this detergent on anything! Whether you’re slipping into your go-to date night dress or snuggling in your comfy cozies ready for a night in, the delicate whiff of your favorite sugared citrus fragrance enhances every experience with a little piece of luxury you never knew you were missing.

Get an extra boost of fragrance with a spritz of the Volcano Eau de Parfum Spray Pen or your staple Volcano Candle.

Volcano Multi-Surface Cleaner

Who knew fighting sticky scum could smell so good? Give any surface a little CB sparkle and bling with the Volcano Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray. Clean ingredients and essential oils help wipe away dirt and grime to reveal a spotless surface. Safe to use on any finished surface, a few spritzes of the Volcano infused formula is the perfectly scented way to rid your countertops of icky germs.

Create the perfect cleaning duo with the Volcano Dish Soap or your favorite product in our Signature Collection.

All-Purpose Cleaner next to Champaign spill with towel
Model with Champaign, sitting next to dishes

Volcano Dish Soap

We’ve all had that moment, praying that we can wiggle another cup or plate into a mountain of dishes sitting in the sink and our hope comes crashing down when we realize it’s time to wash the dishes. The Volcano Dish Soap is the life hack you need to tackle the most tedious task of them all. Not only are dishes left with a sparkling shine, but your hands will thank you for the moisturizing essential oils and delicious fragrance.

Double down on happy hands with a complimentary sink side Volcano Lotion or Volcano Hand Cream to lock in moisture after finishing your new favorite chore.

Final touches - light up your Volcano candle, clear your space and make way for a clear mind with the signature look and smell of Capri Blue Home Care!

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