We're seeing blue! From the vibrant rooftops of Santorini to striking haute couture looks, shades of "Classic Blue" are popping up left and right as it takes the crown of the Official Color of 2020!

Truely timeless yet somehow still an electric site, it's swelling popularity has turned us introspective here at Capri Blue as we thought how we would describe a color so closely associated with our identity.

Encapsulated in our flagship Signature Collection, our iconic Blue Jar is an image our CB babes can rely on, a color of elegant simplicity that can bring them confidence and empowerment.

It seems the world is finally catching on to the power of blue!

The Daily Beast says that “The chic, deep blue of the glass container is the perfect thing to set basically anywhere for a pop of color”. 

Don’t stop at a single volcano candle, create an entire wardrobe of classic blue home and beauty staples thanks to our expanded collection of Signature originals.

While Volcano may be a universally beloved fragrance, step outside the box and be a trendsetter of your own by shopping our other fragrances that are built to fit every personality and mood.