Settling down to one thing can be so...boring. That’s why this fragrance family loves to go back and forth between floral and spicy notes - giving you a taste of heady fragrances like musk, vanilla and precious woods, as well as exotic florals, amber and spicy scents.

Blue Jean

Like your favorite pair of jeans, this fragrance screams comfort. Warm and clean with a hint of linen, this fragrance feels great if you’re entertaining or unwinding.

Coconut Santal

With flowering hibiscus, lime coconut and hits of amber, this fragrance transports you to good times and gives you ultimate smooth sailing vibes.

Dark Vanilla & Sandalwood

It’s modern, high fashion and unlike anything else. This top-selling, unisex fragrance mixes the complexity of fruit and sandalwood with the warmth of vanilla.

Frosted Fireside

Curl up by the fireside and escape into warmth with this intoxicating scent of smoked Cedar, crackling pine and sweet peppermint swirling through the air

Havana Vanilla

With notes of vanilla, smoky tobacco, bergamot and sandalwood.
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Influenced by the perfume shops and fresh pastries of Champs Elysees, this fragrance mixes high fashion with sweet indulgences. Délicieux!
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