COVID-19 Update

14 April, 2020

What crazy times. We hope you are all staying healthy and safe at home. As we listen to the latest on COVID-19, we are continuing to send love, support and positive vibes your way. Due to the high volume of orders coming through, our processing time is around 3-7 business days before shipping. We want to ensure the right amount of care is taken when putting your order together because we love our CB babes and want to keep you safe during this time. We are grateful to continue to deliver Capri Blue favs to you and thank you in advance for your patience! We’re here for you, and even though you might not be taking on the town per usual or your routine is out of whack, perhaps finding time to treat yourself will help lift your spirits.

In times of uncertainty, it’s especially important to embrace moments of self-care. Consider opening your meditation app, do an at-home workout, or enjoy a warm bath with your fav skin care products to calm your mind and come back to who YOU are. And if you’ve got this, be sure to offer some encouraging words to one of your besties in need. And guess what? We’re right here with you (with the appropriate amount of social distance, of course). It’s important we lean on each other, so if you can help a friend get through this, spread the love or lend a germ-free hand.

As we navigate through this together, we are committed to treating our customers, our employees and our products with care.

Be safe and stay fabulous,

The CB Squad

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