Winter is Here

25 January, 2019

The state of your winter skin doesn’t have to be a terror.

Did you know Capri-Blue has the best Body Scrubs, perfect for scrubbing away tired and dull winter skin? Well now you do!

If you want to look “Instagram ready” all winter long; check out Brit + Co’s list of everything you need for the ultimate “Winter is Coming Starter Pack.” Of course our Blue Jean Body Scrub is included to help keep you looking #flawless!

Our Body Scrubs contain hydrating oils, which Brit + Co mentions in their round-up. “This nourishing sugar scrub is infused with aloe and coconut oil, and it polishes away dead skin and delivers deep hydration that lasts long after the hot water runs out.” Not only are they good for you, but they come in all our favorite scents too, so your personal fragrance can be just as amazing as your skin.