Treat Your Senses with Aloha Orchid

26 September, 2019

Capri Blue borrows from holistic practices, like aromatherapy, to treat your mood by blending essential oils into our fragrances whenever possible.

Aloha Orchid was recently tapped by Cosmopolitan as one of the most relaxing candles a girl could find, with standout notes of gardenia, orchid and jasmine- a scent known to destress. “In a study, participants said they felt more positive, energetic and yes, even romantic after inhaling it.” This scent is the one to beat on a day you just need to chill!

We all have our favorite Capri Blue scents, the ones in our home that we build our whole vibe around. That's why at Capri Blue we design specific fragrances and products for every mood. That way no matter what vibes you’re feeling that day, we’re here to help you create better moments.

Feeling sultry? Indulge in Havana Vanilla.

Need a little decadence in your day? Light up some Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco.

Or try adding Aloha Orchid body wash and body scrub to your daily shower routine for the ultimate relaxation experience.