Retail Therapy

7 October, 2019

Boost your confidence, mood and space with purchases that make you feel good at the end of the day

Retail therapy walks that tricky line between self-care and a convenient excuse. We’ve all had the moments staring at our credit card bills wondering what happened to our ever-dwindling self-control but, then there are those special purchases that warm you up on the inside.

These purchases celebrate new beginnings in our lives, they can be rewards for reaching our goals or as a helpful boost for getting there. A gift of gratitude can help refresh a space, new or old, for you to escape to and recharge, building style and confidence that’s all your own

Apartment Therapy worked with design experts to pick the best gifts you can purchase for you and your space this month to turn your home into an oasis!

Capri Blue is among the best ways to transform any space right now. From the sweetly invigorating Volcano to the sultry smooth blends of Havana Vanilla, our fragrances offer a selection for any vibe you want to welcome home.

Each Capri Blue Collection has its own distinct look with “aesthetically pleasing jars that would complement any decor.” So, take it from the experts, you deserve a little $PLURGE!

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