Mother-in-Laws Love Capri Blue Too

3 October, 2019

Gift giving is always so stressful, especially when you’re trying to impress!

Who’s harder to impress than your Mother-in-Law? She can be your best friend, or your greatest enemy, but no matter what nothing ever seems like the perfect fit for her.

Well, have no fear, Capri Blue is here to help you find the perfect gift! Whether it is one of our iconic scents floating through the air or a re-purposed vessel holding a crisp succulent, our beauty and home products are the perfect pieces of luxury for anyone to add to their home.

Our Blue Jean Muse Faceted Jar was just tapped by Cosmo as one of the chicest gifts to impress your Mother-in-Law. They know “She’ll appreciate this candle for its heavenly notes of lilac, citrus, white musk, and patchouli–and its pretty faceted vessel.” Our Blue Jean Fragrance is simply irresistible, and with this piece of old school glamour, even harder to ignore!