Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Effective 01/01/2017


Upon approval, the minimum opening order is $500, net of shipping, per approved resale location. Each account, shipping location and order requires pre-approval from Capri Blue’s sales division. Orders for new accounts must be prepaid prior to shipment. Payment, including an estimated freight of 15% (US) or 20% (CAN), may be made by credit card, check, wire or ACH. All subsequent orders will be charged actual freight. Capri Blue® reserves the right to approve or reject an account in its sole discretion.


All orders are subject to corporate approval and Capri Blue® reserves the right to refuse any order. Changes to dated orders must be made at least five days prior to requested ship date. MINIMUM: The minimum order amount per resale/shipping location is $100. Orders will not be shipped to accounts that are past due. Past due accounts will be billed late charges of 1.5% per month (18% per annum). Stores must actively reorder to the minimum requirement within 12 months or they will revert to inactive status; terms will change to prepaid and will again be subject to opening requirements including new approval.


A Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is required at the time you submit an order. Opening orders will not be processed until this form is received. If a retailer is unable to provide an Exemption Certificate, we may be required to charge sales tax. (Applicable to U.S. accounts only.) LOCATIONS: Capri Blue products can only be sold in stores and/or websites approved in advance by the local brand Representative and corporate office. If you maintain multiple store locations, whether physical storefronts or internet site, each location is subject to approval by the corporate office prior to the sale of any Capri Blue products from that location. PRICES: Current prices are as listed on our Price List. Prices are subject to change without notice.


In an effort to promote fair competition across all our retail outlets, we have a Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) policy. All Capri Blue products must, at a minimum, have an advertised price equal to MAP. A current list of all products and MAP can be obtained by contacting your Brand Representative or Customer Service and requesting a pricing guide. Capri Blue reserves the right to refuse orders prospectively from Buyers who do not adhere to this policy.


Capri Blue does not allow restrictions within approved locations. Approved locations may carry any assortment appropriate to their store, subject to account classification (per new account terms and opening order minimums). Special terms apply to accounts with multiple locations. Please contact the Capri Blue sales division for more information.


All orders are shipped F.O.B. from our warehouse by commercial carrier unless otherwise specified. Shipping costs vary and you will be responsible for paying all shipping and freight costs relating to your orders.


No returns will be accepted. Orders which contain damages, shortages, mis-shipments, or any other issues must be reported to Customer Service within 7 days of receipt.


Standard payment terms are prepay by either credit card, ACH, check or wire transfers (must include a $20 wire transfer fee in addition to invoice total). All international orders are required to wire transfer payment. In order to receive Net 30 day terms, the customer must submit a Capri Blue credit application. Capri Blue reserves the right to refuse to grant terms for any reason not prohibited by law. To retain Net 30 terms, you must remain in good credit standing. Accounts with balances over 30 days will be placed on credit hold and new shipments will be suspended.


Capri Blue charges a 2.5% fee for all credit card payments not processed at the time of shipment. To avoid this fee, customers may pay with a credit card at the time of purchase, mail a check before shipment, or pay via ACH or wire transfer. We will email banking information to any customer who wishes to electronically transfer funds. Please note: this policy only affects customers with net 30 terms that pay by credit card.


Orders refused or returned for any reason without prior approval will be billed for shipping costs as well as a 20% restocking charge. If reshipment is requested, shipping costs and restocking charge will be assessed and billed on the invoice. Any account that refuses an order a second time will be placed on Prepay or Credit Card terms.


Any checks returned will incur a fee of the lesser of $30 or the maximum amount permitted by law. If a check is returned, it will be redeposited. If a redeposited check is returned unpaid, the account will be placed with a third-party collection agency. Any account with a second check returned will be placed on prepaid status. Capri Blue will not ship any new orders until the NSF-related fees, returned check fees, or any related costs and penalties are paid in full.


If Capri Blue places a delinquent account with a third-party collection agency or attorney, the account will be assessed costs of collection, including attorney’s fees and expenses. These fees must be paid in full before any shipping can resume.


Online-only accounts must be approved and opened by Capri Blue. Special terms apply. For inquiries, please contact Capri Blue sales division. Capri Blue® reserves the right to change these Terms of Sale at any time. For the most up-to-date terms, please visit www.Capri-Blue.com/policies.


  • Capri Blue permits online retailing of products for all current accounts with a physical retail presence; the items sold online must simultaneously be on display and for sale in your physical store.
  • The web environment you create should have a strong connection to your retail store, utilize the same branding and include the address and contact information for your physical store.
  • It should be listed on your company website that you are an “Approved Capri Blue Retailer”, and to avoid confusion, the website should not replicate or imitate www.capri-blue.com or any significant aspects of that site, and your website URL should not include the word “Capri Blue” or any word or phrase similar to “Capri Blue” or likely to cause confusion with the word “Capri Blue.”
  • The use of proprietary Capri Blue information such as product dimensions and materials, digital imagery, and video to market Capri Blue to your customers is encouraged and available for download at http://capribluevault.com/b/hgE9JdmbE0xXCGCMecjA. Any content not provided through the http://capribluevault.com/b/hgE9JdmbE0xXCGCMecjA website must be requested via Capri Blue and each such use must be approved in advance by Capri Blue in writing. The use of Capri Blue name, logo, and trademarks must follow our established usage. In addition, all applicable product trademarks must be used, along with accompanying trademark and copyright language; provided, that such use is approved by Capri Blue in writing in each instance. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, you acknowledge and agree that all trademarks, logos, ideas, concepts, works, plans, reports, content, artwork, designs, models, ideas, derivative works and concepts relating to any Capri Blue products shall be and remain solely owned by Capri Blue.
  • The posting on the web of product prior to official release in the marketplace is not allowed. Your account representative can provide you with dates of official releases upon request.
  • The use of third party websites such as Amazon and E-Bay to transact sales is prohibited, unless authorized in advance in writing by Capri Blue.


Online marketing to promote and/or sell Capri Blue brand is permitted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • ll digital marketing/advertising assets, including copy and materials relating to Capri Blue products must be approved in writing by Capri Blue prior to use.
  • The offering of promotions and discounts on Capri Blue products online is prohibited except when authorized by Capri Blue in advance in writing. If sales, promotions or discounts (and related advertising) is/are authorized by Capri Blue, you must demonstrate to Capri Blue that you have sufficient quantities of the Capri Blue products subject to the sale, promotion or discount available in your inventory for re-sale, prior to marketing or selling any such products pursuant to the applicable sale, promotion or discount. Capri Blue reserves the right to exclude your account from any and all sales, promotions or discounts for any or no reason.
  • The use of any advertising that associates Capri Blue brand(s), directly (by name) or indirectly (through use of keywords purchased), with any false or unapproved discounts, or promotions from which Capri Blue is specifically excluded (such as a rewards program or other discounting that does not apply to Capri Blue products), is prohibited.
  • Any paid digital advertising and search advertising (including, but not limited to, Google AdWords, digital content networks, shopping feeds, social media services, and other similar outlets) using Capri Blue brand trademarks and terminology must be authorized in writing by Capri Blue in advance.
  • Social media/social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs may be used in accordance with all the above guidelines and subject to the following limitations:
    • Capri Blue sales, discounts, or promotions, cannot be promoted using #, @, or photo tags (for example #CapriBlueSale).
    • Social media presence, similar to all online presence, shall avoid confusion, and shall make it clear to the viewer/visitor that your online store, social media service, page or presence is not Capri Blue but instead is a clearly identified authorized reseller of Capri Blue’s products. To this end, the reuse of any Capri Blue trademark, avatar, or other branded online identity (such as a corporate profile image) in use by Capri Blue corporate social media is prohibited. Use of “Capri Blue” or any variation of that name (including misspellings) shall not be part of the social handle or name that is used to represent your company.
    • All social media posts/tweets/images that are originally generated by Capri Blue should clearly be identified as our content by using an @mention (i.e.: @Capri BlueCandles) a photo tag, or a url link to the original source.
    • Hashtags (and photo tags) using #CapriBlue (by way of example only) must be related to our brand or products.
    • You agree to remove any social media post, materials, assets, tag(s) or copy posted on the internet relating to Capri Blue or its products immediately upon Capri Blue’s request.