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Expressing yourself starts with some inspiration. That’s why we’re helping you dive deeper into the worlds of fashion and fragrance with these great ideas and stories.


Black is the New Black

Add this candle to your repertoire ASAP.…Read More

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Alice Decker


We love this shot by @alice.decker featuring our Volcano Pink Signature Jar.

Oh My Volcano

Oh My Volcano!

This fragrance does not need much of an introduction.…Read More


Oscars viewing party with Capri Blue!

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Our Featured Look

Gilded Muse Collection

Gilded Muse is a smash hit and it’s easy to see why. The metallic finish delivers a premium, modern look to this sophisticated work of art. It says you’re royalty, without all the stuffiness.


Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

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Candle Burning 101

Candle Burning 101

Chances are you have a couple candles (or 20) scattered throughout your home.…Read More


Rockin’ Style with Visions of Vogue

Capri Blue has Rockin’ Style with Visions of Vogue…Read More

How to repurpose your Capri Blue candle

How To Repurpose Your Candle Jars

Discover how to reuse those gorgeous Capri Blue jars after you've used your candle!…Read More