You know that perfect little black dress you can’t live without? The one that makes you feel all sorts of UH-MAZING!? Well this Volcano Black Signature Jar will make you feel the same! It’s a staple in our Signature Collection just like that sassy LBD is in your wardrobe.

This look was inspired by the essentials and accessories hanging in your closet - the staple pieces that complete your entire look. The go-to little black dress, the sleek black clutch, the gorgeous belt or that to-die-for pair of black pumps are the essentials for completing the perfect outfit, and the Black Signature Jar is the finishing touch to complete your space.

The Black Signature Jar is available in the cult favorite scent - Volcano. Flawless for every occasion, the powerful fragrance of Volcano paired with the chic Black Signature Jar makes this piece the perfect combination of bold and sassy. It’s classic with an edge and will take your space from 0 to 100 real quick!

Whether your style is sophisticated or edgy, flirty or fierce, this Black Signature Jar is perfect for all the fashionistas out there. And just like every closet needs a little black dress, every space needs a Volcano Black Signature Jar!

The Volcano Black Signature Jar is an accent jar that is here to stay. It is 19 ounces with a burn time of 85 hours. It is topped with a silver metal lid and is the perfect accent jar to repurpose (for tips on how to repurpose our beauties click here). The iconic Signature Jar is also available in bluerainbow watercolor and white - why choose one when you can have all four!?

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