What’s a Body Scrub?

13 March, 2018


Looking to give your dull and tired skin the ultimate body makeover but don’t have time for the spa? Then you #need Capri Blue Body Scrub! The best way to “treat yo’ self” is in your own tub!

We’re bringing you a new way to experience our best-selling fragrances Aloha Orchid, Blue Jean and Volcano that’s a little different, but completely amazing. Our body scrubs help to remove dead skin cells, revealing clearer and softer skin. Plus, the satisfying feeling of an at home massage can’t be beat!


Using a body scrub is super simple, and something that everyone should incorporate into their weekly beauty routine for incredible skin.

  • First, scoop a generous amount from the container and distribute between your hands
  • Next, gently massage into wet skin in a circular motion
  • Finally, Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry

See!? So easy!

Quick tips we want to share with our besties:

  • Body scrubs can be used in either the bath or shower. You do you, girlfriend!
  • Avoid using a body scrub and shaving in the same session. Doing both could irritate your skin, creating stinging and redness. If you must shave, scrub first and shave second.
  • We never recommend using a body scrub if your skin is already irritated – especially with a sunburn, rash, or bug bite.
  • Limit body scrubs to once or twice per week to avoid over-exfoliation.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Apply your fave lotion after use to keep skin silky smooth. May we recommend a Capri Blue Lotion?
  • Finally, always put on your fluffiest robe, curl up on the couch, and relax after using our body scrubs... Because, why not?