New Year, New You

13 January, 2020

Let Capri Blue be your guide to starting this golden decade off with some mega positive vibes and a whole lot of confidence.

Welcome to the roaring 20’s my fellow babes! Not only have we entered a fresh year of existence (#blessed) but 2020 also celebrates the turn of a decade which we can only hope is as dynamic (and daringly fashionable) as the Flapper and Jazz fueled decadence of a century ago.

We know that new beginnings can seem daunting and difficult to navigate, but we have a feeling this is going to be your year! We are here to show you how Capri Blue can help you become the woman you are meant to be with a few tips and tricks that have helped us rise to the top of every occasion.

Build that Confidence, Girl!

As hard as we try, no outfit looks as fab as good old self-confidence. Sometimes though, the person looking back at you in the mirror needs a little boost to be the boss babe she truly is. Try a few words of encouragement, either to yourself in the mirror or throughout the day with the help of a daily affirmation app to put positive vibes into the forefront of your mind. Self- talk not your thing? Try a little retail therapy by giving yourself a gift of gratitude to celebrate your success, or to comfort yourself when faced with challenges.

Dress for Success

Keep that fit tight! Intentionally picking an outfit helps you control how YOU want to be seen in the world. We like to think of it as our girl boss armor that keeps us feeling our best throughout the day. Top it off with one of our parfums or swipe luscious hand cream across your manicure to truly complete any look.

Love Yo' Self

They say self-love is the best love, and we totally agree. Sometimes, taking care of yourself is all you need to get through a rough day. Add it into your morning routine with an aromatic oil massage using our dry body oil (or lotion, depending on your skin type) in the scent that feels most like you. The power of touch is seriously under rated and this practice has been used for centuries to cleanse the body of negative energy!

Meditate on It!

We know, we know, mediation is such an overdone topic that we are rolling our eyes, too. But... you can’t fight the facts: it does wonders. From managing stress to making room for self-reflection, grounding yourself with a daily meditative practice just makes life easier. Capri Blue candles help create beautiful mediation areas based on whatever collection fits you best! Choose your favorite scent or pick out specific fragrance notes that suite your emotional needs, a la aromatherapy!

Save the World!

It's true that green is the new black, but now it’s time to make it the new normal! Trust is everything in 2020 as people are becoming more and more careful about what ingredients are in their products and how they effect the earth around them. Check out our sustainable products, that include vegan formulas free from parabens, sulfates and gluten. Keep 2020 Clean and Cruelty Free!

No matter how you decide to enter the New Year, do it knowing that this is your chance to shine! While change may take time, Capri Blue will always be here when you need a little extra boost to lift yourself up and slay the decade.

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