How To Repurpose Your Candle Jars

2 April, 2017

Everybody knows Capri Blue's candle fragrances are FABULOUS, but what about those GORGEOUS jars that are left over after you've burned your candle down to its last flame?

Don’t trash it when you can stash it with goodies for your desk, vanity, or some cute cacti after removing the wax. Here are 4 easy steps to help you extend the life of your fav candle by repurposing your vessel.

How to repurpose your fav candle jars

No. 1 Freeze it!

Pop the candle in the freezer overnight to solidify the wax.

No. 2 Break the wax

Using a blunt but sturdy object - such as a fork or butter knife – break any leftover wax apart into smaller bits and remove wax from the candle vessel.

How to repurpose your fav candle jars

No. 3 Hand wash your vessel

Clean the inside of your jar by hand-washing the vessel with warm soapy water.

No. 4 Repurpose it!

Repurpose your vessel as a planter, container, or catchall!

Show us how you’ve upcycled your empty Capri Blue vessel by using the hashtag #CapriBlueStyle. We might even feature you on our Insta and you can cross that off the bucket list, girl.